Online tool launched to help oil and gas workers find jobs in Calgary’s tech sector

Online addition to Calgary’s economic toolbox to help job-seeking energy workers
WATCH: Calgary Economic Development has launched a new online tool to help connect out of work oil and gas professionals with the growing tech industry. Tomasia DaSilva shows us how it works.

There’s a new way for displaced oil and gas workers in Calgary to look for a job.

Calgary Economic Development (CED) has launched an online tool that helps Calgarians find employment opportunities in the tech sector.

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Many who have worked in oil and gas already have some relevant skills that would be applicable in technology-focused roles, but require more training before they’d be able to transition to the industry.

Using the new website, job-seekers can learn what education they would need to close the gap and qualify for tech jobs.

“There is a skills gap that needs to addressed if Calgary wants to take its rightful place in the new economy and lead the industrial transformation,” CED president and CEO Mary Moran said in a news release.

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The website, which launched Wednesday, follows a study CED conducted in collaboration with the Communications Technology Council (ICTC) that examined the most in-demand digital occupations in the city and their required skill sets.

“This is a unique and pivotal initiative for narrowing the skills gap and preparing the workforce for fast growth sectors in Calgary,” ICTC president and CEO Namir Anani said.

At a busy Calgary job fair Thursday, unemployed energy worker Mohamed Fiazudeen — who recently moved here from Qatar — said he checked out the online platform but had some concerns.

“It’s amazing having that program,” Fiazudeen said. “But when unemployed people are applying for this program they don’t have funds to pay for these courses.”

Still, the skilled engineer said he may consider it considering the lack of luck he’s had finding work.

“Oh, it’s been a tough market,” he said. “I thought I was probably one of the few but that is not the case. I’ve met a lot of people like me from oil and gas with seemingly good careers who are still looking for jobs.”

Calgary Economic Development said there is financial help for those who can’t afford to take the upskilling courses.