‘Be careful where you step’: Take Pride warns of used needles around Winnipeg

Needle found laying in the snow.
Needle found laying in the snow. Global News

Used drug needles are slowly showing up once again in Winnipeg as the snow melts away.

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The issue has prompted the city beautification group, Take Pride Winnipeg to remind people of the dangers needles could cause.

“We want everyone to be aware that this is an issue out there on the streets and we want to make sure that young people are not just picking up what they think might be a toy and its not a toy this is dangerous and they’ve got to be very careful,” Executive Director, Tom Ethans said.

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Ethans is urging residents to be cautious cleaning up their lawns and to know who to call if they find a syringe.

Needle Drop Box in Osborne Village
Needle Drop Box in Osborne Village Randall Paul/ Global News

“Call 311, phone Street Connections, phone the Bear Clan, phone your business improvement zone and lets get these needles off the street as quickly as possible so they don’t harm anyone,” he said.

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If you do find a needle on public property call the city, if it’s on private property call Street Connection at 204-981-0742.