Trump supporters talk of media ‘conspiracy’ after Mueller report summary revealed

Click to play video: '“Complete exoneration, no collusion:” Trump hails victory after Mueller report summary released' “Complete exoneration, no collusion:” Trump hails victory after Mueller report summary released
WATCH: "Complete exoneration, no collusion” — Trump hails victory after Mueller report summary released – Mar 24, 2019

Trump’s supporters are blaming the media for spreading “conspiracy theories” after it was revealed Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.

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The findings of the 22-month investigation were given in a four-page summary by the U.S. Justice Department, concluding that the investigation found no evidence that Trump’s campaign had “conspired or co-ordinated” with Russia.

The report, however, “does not exonerate” Trump on obstruction of justice, according to U.S. Attorney General William Barr, who created the summary, and says the report “sets out evidence on both sides of the question.”

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called out “liberal media” in a Twitter statement.

“Democrats and their liberal media allies for two years slandered President @realDonaldTrump for ‘conspiring with Russia,'” she wrote. “It was all a malicious, preposterous lie given wall to wall media coverage despite zero evidence. This should never again happen to an American President.”

Donald Trump Jr. made the mainstream media the primary subject in his statement responding to the report’s findings, saying it spread “conspiracy theories.”

“After more than two years of non-stop conspiracy theories from CNN, MSNBC, Buzzfeed and the rest of the mainstream media … the Mueller report proves what those of us with sane minds have known all along, there was ZERO collusion with Russia,” the statement read.

“Sadly, instead of apologizing for needlessly destabilizing the country in a transparent attempt to delegitimize the 2016 election, it’s clear that the collusion truthers in the media and the Democrat [sic] Party are only going to double down on their sick and twisted conspiracy theories moving forward.”

Eric Trump, another son of the president, also went after the media in response to the report, replying to a tweet from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, saying that the investigation was a “hoax” CNN had “exploited.” He also called for an apology from the mainstream media.

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“Sad to see that you are upset by the fact that #POTUS and the Trump campaign did NOT collude with Russia, despite the hoax @CNN has exploited for two years,” he wrote in response to Acosta mentioning, as per Barr, that the Mueller report has left “difficult issues” of law unresolved.

“How about a simple apology from the #MSM for the hell everyone has been put through for the past two + years?” he said on Twitter as well, tagging multiple mainstream media outlets.

Former Arkansas governor and Trump supporter Mike Huckabee also called out the media, asking if they will now “shut their pie holes” on Twitter.

“NOW we know there was NO COLLUSION, CONSPIRACY, or CRIMES BY @realDonaldTrump or @DonaldJTrumpJr or ANY American,” he wrote. “Will Dems, CNN, and BSNBC now shut their pie holes and find the dirty cops in FBI and DOJ?”

“BSNBC” is likely in reference to the TV network MSNBC.

WATCH: Will the Mueller report be made public?

Click to play video: 'Will the Mueller report be made public?' Will the Mueller report be made public?
Will the Mueller report be made public? – Mar 23, 2019

Fox News host Sean Hannity called MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post liars.

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“MSNBC CONSPIRACY NETWORK LIARS FAKE NEWS CNN LIARS NY TIMES WAPO LIARS,” he said on Twitter, echoing Trump Jr.’s conspiracy reference.

Hannity also said: “CNN, MSNBC, and the mainstream media have lied to the the [sic] American (people) for two plus years. Now they will be held accountable.”

Trump responded to the news, saying that it is a “total exoneration” and that the investigation was an “illegal takedown that failed.”

Trump alluded to a new investigation that may look at the “other side.”

WATCH: Public has ‘right to know’ contents of Mueller report – Schiff

Click to play video: 'Public has ‘right to know’ contents of Mueller report: Schiff' Public has ‘right to know’ contents of Mueller report: Schiff
Public has ‘right to know’ contents of Mueller report: Schiff – Mar 24, 2019

“Hopefully, somebody is going to be looking at the other side,” he said.

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Trump has consistently called the investigation a “witch hunt” against him, and is a frequent critic of the media.

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