Maple Ridge man awarded by Vancouver police for thwarting 2 crimes in 10 minutes

Karl Dey received the Award of Merit for helping police capture the suspects in two crimes. Chief Adam Palmer / Twitter

A Maple Ridge man has been awarded the Vancouver Police Board’s highest civilian honour, the Award of Merit, for stopping two crimes in the space of just 10 minutes.

“It’s overwhelming. I stepped up to help somebody out, I didn’t expect to receive an honour as big as this.”

Dec. 11, 2017 started out a regular workday for Karl Dey. He was delivering water to Gastown businesses when he saw a man run out of a store with a purse.

He gave chase and flagged down a police officer who caught up with the thief and arrested him.

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And while Dey was waiting to give a statement, he heard a scream coming from another shop, where a woman said a man had tried to sexually assault her. Again, he chased the suspect and tackled him, holding him until officers arrived.

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And Dey said he’d do it again if needed.

“In a heartbeat. Yes, I would.”

The Vancouver Police Board said in its presentation that it’s the first time a recipient of the Award of Merit committed two deserving acts in such a short space of time.

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Dey said it was overwhelming to find out he was being awarded for his actions.

“It just came out of nowhere and I tried my best to help others out and it just happens that now I’m being awarded for it. It’s a great honour, and I feel very proud,” Dey said.

“My family is very proud of me.”

Dey said he just tried to do what he hoped someone would do for his daughter.

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