Daniel Caesar under fire for ‘drunk’ video: ‘Why are we being so mean to white people?’

Canadian singer Daniel Caesar accepts the award for Best R&B Performance for 'Best Part' onstage during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards pre-telecast show on February 10, 2019, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP) (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images). ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

WARNING: This story contains graphic language.

Canadian singer Daniel Caesar is under fire for an Instagram Live stream where he told his black audience that “being a victim doesn’t get you paid.”

“Are there black people in this chat right now?” Caesar asked. “Why are we being so mean to white people right now? That’s a serious question.”

The Grammy winner said several times during his livestream that he was “drunk as f*ck.”

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In the video, Caesar tries to defend his friend, YezJulz, a white woman who has found herself at the centre of racial controversy a number of times.

YesJulz recently appeared on the “Easily Offended” podcast and spoke about the time she posted a picture of a “N*gg*s lie a lot” T-shirt, asking if she should wear it to a festival.

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She went on to rant about black women such as Scottie Beam and Karen Civil explaining to her that actions exploit black culture for her own gain and she tried to defend herself from accusations of being a “culture vulture.”

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Caesar weighed in on how social media users were treating the controversial online personality YezJulz after she had publicly criticized Civil and Beam.

“Why are we being so mean to Julz?” he said. “Why are we being so mean to white people right now? That’s a serious question. Why is it that we’re allowed to be disrespectful and rude to everybody else and when anybody returns any type of energy to us… That’s not equality. I don’t wanna be treated like I can’t take a joke.”

(WARNING: This video contains explicit language.)

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The Best Part singer went on to mention Dave Chappelle recently, calling him “very gay” during an episode of John Mayer’s Instagram show.

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“I just went through that f**king Chappelle sh*t and I had to in the moment acknowledge that I was being f**king sensitive and that I need to be able to take a joke just like everybody else,” the Get You singer said.

“That’s what it is. People are allowed to say what the f**k they want. I’m allowed to feel how I want but it’s like am I going to fight them? Or am I going to accept what they have to say and keep it f**king moving.”

He continued: “White people have been mean to us in the past. What are you gonna do about that? Tell me what you’re gonna do about that. There’s no answer other than creating understanding and keeping it moving. That’s some biblical sh*t. You have to bridge the gap.

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“Are we winning right now as a culture? Are we popular in society? We’re not. And you can’t win the game by choosing to not accept the winning team’s strategy.”

Caesar went on to say that “being a victim doesn’t get you paid.” He urged anyone who wanted to “cancel” him due to his comments to discontinue listening to his music.

“I’ve said what I’ve said before and y’all tried to cancel me and I apologized like a b*tch,” he said. “I don’t believe in that sh*t because I think you guys are wrong and I’m right.”

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“Don’t listen to my next sh*t if you think I’m sh*t,” he said. “Make me broke. Make me suffer for my opinion. I believe in it.”

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Many people took to Twitter to “cancel” Caesar.

Caesar had not addressed his comments further at the time of this writing.


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