Guelph school boards address ‘Momo challenge’ with parents, teachers

Click to play video 'Police  asking parents to beware of the re-emergence of the online ‘Momo challenge’' Police asking parents to beware of the re-emergence of the online ‘Momo challenge’
From Slender man to kids eating detergent pods, there's a long history of dangerous challenges online, freaking out parents. Here's what parents need to know to protect their children – Feb 27, 2019

A pair of Guelph school boards say they have prepared teachers and administrators on how to discuss the so-called “Momo Challenge” with students.

A doll-like character has been popping up in online videos targeted at children and urges viewers to hurt themselves or their family.

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The Upper Grand District School Board said it has received calls from concerned parents about the online hoax.

In a post on their website, Upper Grand said the board has provided information to schools so administrators “can provide factual information to children and parents individually if questions or concerns arise.”

“Our mental health experts have advised schools not send general widespread messages regarding this ‘challenge’ to their school community as it may unnecessarily pique children’s interest in this issue,” the post stated.

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The Wellington Catholic District School Board said they have also addressed the issue with staff.

“We have taken steps to educate staff about the videos, guide them in how to respond safely and pro-actively when there are concerns that students might have seen or be talking about the ‘game,'” the board stated in a post on their website.

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Wellington Catholic school board said they have provided guidelines for speaking with students when the issue has been raised.

Both boards encourage parents to speak with their children about internet safety.

“Ongoing dialogue with your children about safe internet use is the best to keep kids safe online,” Wellington Catholic school board said.