Ryan Seacrest, Shayna Taylor split after 3 years of dating

Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty Images.

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor have broken up.

People magazine reports that the couple, who had been dating for almost three years, recently went their separate ways.

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A source told the magazine: “It was an amicable split and they’re still really close. They still love and care about each other.”

Just a couple of weeks prior to their split — on Valentine’s Day — Taylor, 26, posted a message with a photo of the pair snuggling on a boat: “Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 I hope everyone’s day is filled with love. Whether it be from a friend, a family member, or loved one . . We all deserve a little love today 💕 #spreadthelove#valentines”

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Seacrest, 44, and the chef also spent the Christmas and New Year’s holidays together:

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Seacrest and Taylor first met and began dating in 2013. After splitting in 2014, the two got back together in 2017.

Asked about reigniting their romance, Taylor told People last fall, “We had both matured.”

Seacrest opened up about his plans for the future in an at-home feature with the couple in December: “Family is so important to me, and to Shayna as well, but I’ve always tried to put life into a master schedule with deadlines, and I don’t want to do that [with Shayna]. We both try to actually be in this moment, feel this connection, enjoy it and let it grow.”

They also went inside their kitchen to talk about everything from their perfect night at home to their fridge favourites — watch below.

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