Calgary company now offers at-home pre and postnatal services for families

Are you a Calgary mother looking for postnatal support? .
Are you a Calgary mother looking for postnatal support? . File / Getty Images

Being a new mom is undeniably stressful and chaotic, and although there are various agencies in Calgary that offer pre and postnatal support, just getting to and from appointments can be a battle.

It’s with this in mind that lactation consultant Leanne Rzepa decided to expand her business to include a variety of other services for Calgary families, all of which are offered in the comfort of your own home.

Now, not only does Nourish Lactation Consulting offer breastfeeding support, they also provide services from a dietician, a sleep coach, a pelvic floor physiotherapist and a doula.

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Rzepa says offering all these services through the same organization is a new concept in Calgary in the sense that the service providers will visit clients at their own homes.

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“As far as I know there isn’t [a business like this] yet,” she said. “I have heard of one that is supposed to be opening in late spring, where there will be a variety of support services available to new moms or families. But I always like the idea of being able to provide the support to the family in their home.

“As a new mom, it can sometimes be hard to get out of the house to keep an appointment on somebody else’s schedule when we know babies don’t really have a schedule,” she said. “Being able to schedule someone to come into your home when it’s convenient for you is a big advantage.”

In addition, Rzepa said she offers her clients support via phone free of charge.

“They can text me, they can call me, they can email me… at any time.”

Are you a Calgary mother looking for postnatal support?. File / Getty Images

What services are provided?

Rzepa gave Global News a rundown of what each service provider can offer to clients.

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Pelvic floor physiotherapist

The pelvic floor physiotherapist can work with mothers or soon-to-be mothers.

“If a mother had concerns about strengthening her pelvic floor prior to going into labour, she can help with that. Or, if she’s had a traumatic birth experience with a forceps delivery or a severe tear, she can help with the rehabilitation piece afterwards.”

Dietician/Registered Nutritionist

The company’s dietician/registered nutritionist can provide help with optimal nutrition during pregnancy, Rzepa explained.

“Then postnatally, she could provide mom with nutrition support for if baby is starting to show any signs of food sensitivities, allergies or is a picky eater when solids are introduced.”

Baby sleep coach

Although Rzepa joked that soon-to-be moms have asked if the sleep coach could help them with pregnancy-related sleep issues, her specialty is infant sleep training.

Doula/postpartum support specialist

“She would basically come into the home and provide any type of support that mom is looking for,” Rzepa explained. “She could help with light housekeeping, she could do some laundry, she could help with feeding the baby by bottle if mom wanted a couple of hours to sleep.”

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“Some new moms are kind of uncomfortable with doing baby baths, so she could support that. She can also do nighttime support, so if mom wants to hire her to hire her to come in for an eight-hour night shift she could come in and support the family with that as well.”

More information

If you’re interested in contacting Rzepa for prenatal or postnatal care, you can visit

“All the new services have been added to the website,” Rzepa explained. “I have a post-baby services page, a pre-baby services page, and then there’s a form that the client would submit online, and on that submission form at the bottom they can check a box that they want a consultation with a sleep consultant or they want to speak to the pelvic flood physiotherapist or the dietician.”

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