Winnipeg’s first doctor-led cannabis clinic opens

The Winnipeg medical cannabis clinic is pictured. Supplied

An alternative method of medication is now being offered in Winnipeg.

Manitoba’s first physician-led medical marijuana clinic, CannaWay clinic, opens Wednesday on Kenaston Boulevard and Grant Avenue.

The clinic offers specialists and general-practitioners who develop patient treatment plans for symptoms or ailments.

The clinic doesn’t require a referral, as patients can email the clinic to book an appointment or by phoning the centre.

Taylor Buckley of CannaWay says ordering medical cannabis directly from the clinic gives patients access to certain brands and products that may not be available in recreational stores.

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“For example, most of our medical patients are not purchasing traditional cannabis flower – they are purchasing cannabis oils or capsules and ingesting their medication,” Buckley says.

Buckley pointed out that most medical marijuana users haven’t used recreational pot, and require guidance when seeking medical marijuana.

The clinic offers cannabis counselors to help teach patients about dosing, different intake methods and how to order the medicine.

“Making sure that medical patients are prescribed the correct chemical composition and dose is very important,” Buckley stressed.

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