Oversized Winnipeg snow plow plays supporting role in new Liam Neeson flick, Cold Pursuit

A snow plow in the new film Cold Pursuit is from Winnipeg. Submitted

The new film Cold Pursuit, which hits theatres this weekend, has been generating a lot of attention following star Liam Neeson’s recent controversial public statements, but for one Winnipegger, the flick is notable for a very different reason.

Riley Gorman contributed to Cold Pursuit in an unusual way – by providing the filmmakers with an oversized snow plow that, he says, plays an integral part in the story.

Gorman said he and his father were trying to sell the plow, as it was too big for their needs, when they got an unexpected phone call.

“We were trying to sell it, and one day we got a call from a movie producer,” he said.

“You get those calls at night, and you think ‘Is this a spam call?’, but it turned out to be a real call.”

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Gorman said the filmmakers liked his plow because of the way the snow looked when it was physically being moved through the machine.

The famous plow. Submitted.

After making the deal to lend the plow to the production, he had a chance to get involved in the filmmaking process himself, coaching Neeson and his stunt double on how to drive the machine.

“They picked out one day and I actually flew out to Calgary and accompanied them on the hill for about a week.

“I got to work with Liam, teach him how to drive the snowblower. Very easy guy to work with.

“I used some holiday time and it worked out very well. It was perfect. It was a great use of vacation.”

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Winnipeg family’s snow plow used in Hollywood movie – Feb 8, 2019

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