#YYC5 finds the sweetest spots for Valentine’s Day chocolates

Click to play video: '#YYC5 finds Calgary’s sweetest spots for Valentine’s Day chocolates'
#YYC5 finds Calgary’s sweetest spots for Valentine’s Day chocolates
#YYC5 finds Calgary’s sweetest spots for Valentine’s Day chocolates – Feb 9, 2019

Nothing says “I love you” better than chocolate.

Even if you don’t agree with that statement, most will agree that Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to overindulge in all the creamy, delicious sweetness that also seems to be the go-to gift every Feb. 14.

With that in mind, Global Calgary asked our social media followers to tell us their favourite spots in the city to find the most perfect — and tastiest — Valentine’s Day treat.

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Oh, Those Chocolates! No, really, that’s their name: Those Chocolates.

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These fun and delightfully delicious chocolates are handcrafted by chocolatier Nicole Buckton, who is also a pastry chef and draws inspiration from the desserts she makes to create her beautifully painted chocolate bonbons.

Her husband and business partner, Kevin Buckton, says each chocolate is “like a tiny piece of dessert.”

For Valentine’s Day, he recommends a couple of selections from the company’s Love Collection, including the raspberry and dark chocolate bonbon because “these flavours are amazing together, plus it’s big flavours in one bite.”

Kevin also points to the peanut butter banana bonbon for a more classic combo that includes a layer of peanut butter caramel with another thin layer of banana ganache.

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Those Chocolates sells its freshly made creations online and at the Symons Valley Ranch Mercantile. You can also find them at the Avenida Food Hall Market in the Mercantile store. Be sure to look for the green-and-brown box that says “made in Calgary” so you know you’ve bought Those Chocolates.

Since launching in 2017, Cochu Chocolatier has been racking up the awards for its melt-in-your-mouth bonbons and bars.

Owner and head chocolatier Anne Sellmer has collected over 40 awards for her clever combos like cultured butter and rich dark chocolate.

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Using local and seasonal ingredients, some of Sellmer’s more seductive selections include a cherry gin chocolate filled with a limited-edition Eau Claire Distillery cherry gin-infused ganache and the aptly named Screwdriver, which features premium Eau Claire Distillery Three-Point Vodka and fresh orange zest.

Bernard Callebaut is also no stranger to Calgary chocolate connoisseurs.

The master chocolatier at Master Chocolat has been spoiling the city with scrumptiously satisfying selections for more than 30 years.

For Valentine’s Day, head down to Master Chocolat’s new store in Marda Loop to customize your own box of goodies or, better yet, let the father of chocolate himself choose a selection of his finest for you.

Consider the folks at Light Cellar the superheroes of superfoods.

Made in house with ingredients like green tea and berries, Light Cellar’s chocolate bars not only taste good, they’re good for you.

Light Cellar’s stone-ground heirloom chocolate is also infused with medicinal mushroom extracts, and varieties include the Cordyceps Coconut Ginger bar, which Light Cellar’s website claims can help reduce fatigue, boost strength and even elevate your sex drive.

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Cait Crafted Confections is run by self-professed chocoholic Cait Gerber, who can help you find a treat that’s as sweet, special and unique as your love.

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“I like to have really fun flavours,” said Gerber, who opened her Canyon Meadows Bakery, where she also sells pastries, last June.

For a special Valentine’s Day treat or gift, Gerber recommends her tequila cordials.

“I do them in a cornstarch mould that I do by hand and then I fill them,” explained Gerber, discussing the care and attention that goes into the making of each chocolate.

Gerber says that once the shells are crystallized, she dips them in chocolate and then lets the magic happen.

“When you bite into it, it’s just liquid tequila in your mouth — so fun, a little romantic,” she said.

Gerber also lets out a little chuckle when she suggests picking up some of her brandy caramels for Valentine’s Day.

“I want to call them my little, seductive chocolate,” she added.

Gerber says a prestigious “chocolate job” in her first year of pastry school helped her realize her passion for chocolate making — and, she jokes, reinforced her love of eating the sweet treat.

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“I always like to say chocolate just isn’t a snack, it’s an experience,” said Gerber.

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