New ad campaign from Waterloo region, police aims to educate residents on why fatal traffic incidents occur

The Region of Waterloo's administration building in Kitchener. Nick Westoll / File / Global News

Waterloo police and the region have teamed up on a new public education campaign to raise awareness on road safety.

The campaign, which is labelled Safe Roads Waterloo, is aimed at all the people who travel on the streets of Waterloo region including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

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“The purpose of this education campaign is injury and fatality reduction,” Bob Henderson, manager of Transportation Engineering for the region, said in a statement.

Regional staff took a close look at collision data and determined that there needed to be more focus on four types of collisions in the region.

“We want residents to be aware of the data – where, when and why collisions are happening – so we can empower them to play their part in road safety. Achieving our goal requires an effort on the part of all stakeholders – motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, Waterloo Regional Police Services and local government,” Henderson explained.

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The list includes: rear-end collisions at intersections, roundabout collisions resulting from fail-to-yield behaviours, cyclist collisions at signalized crosswalks and pedestrian collisions at signalized crosswalks.

The campaign was launched in both traditional and new media earlier this week. It includes four 30-second commercials which focus on how these incidents can happen in a blink of an eye.

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