Taber Police need your help in voyeurism case

On February 1, 2013 a customer was using the public washroom at the 7-11 store off highway 3 in Taber when they came across a camera device lying on the floor. According to police, the camera had sticky tape on the back and must have come loose from underneath the sink. “It was a small digital video camera that would use it’s an SD card to record video or images. It was found on the floor next to the toilette and sink,”says leading investigator of the case Cst. Andrew Evanson of the Taber Police.

Taber police say the images on the device were extremely disturbing.”There were several images and videos that were on there that we could access.They were bathroom scenes involving numerous individuals male and female,”adds Cst. Andrew Evanson. Police are now following up on tips they’ve received since releasing a photo on Tuesday. Investigators say the image was captured on the device and believe the man could be linked to this case of voyeurism.

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Police believe the camera did not capture any images at the 711 in Taber. Investigators say the camera could have been dropped or the suspect might have been interrupted and panicked. Taber police say there are over 100 images on this device..but they are not sure where these images were taken , but investigators do believe that some of the images were taken at gas stations across the province.”We have been able to determine that no Taber bathrooms have been recorded, but other bathrooms in other areas we are not exactly sure,” says Cst. Evanson. Right now police are working around the clock trying to identify the locations and the people in the images. at this point Taber police believe the suspect is from Alberta .


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