Kingston’s mystery plane likely belongs to ‘government entity,’ say local experts

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Since early January, hundreds of people have taken to social media to post stories about how they heard and or saw Kingston's mystery plane during the night with its lights off. One local man who tracks planes says he has debunked the myth – Jan 23, 2019

A mystery plane seen in the skies above Kingston has stumped local residents over the past month, but at least one local resident believes he has figured out who the owners of the aircraft are.

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Since Jan. 4,  the number of Kingston-area sightings of the mystery plane has grown, with hundreds of people taking to social media to share their stories.

Longtime Kingston resident and airplane enthusiast Neil Aird spends his retirement tracking aircraft in North America from his home office and believes he has uncovered the truth behind the mystery plane.

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He also spends his days writing for several plane enthusiast websites and plans to publish a book within the next year.

“During the night on Jan. 4, I heard a buzz coming from the sky so I ran upstairs, poked my head through the skylight and saw nothing,” said Aird.

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The buzz continued on for over a week, and Aird said that one night he picked up on a flight path that he says was labelled RCMP.

The City of Kingston referred inquiries about the plane to a statement the city received from the RCMP:

“The RCMP’s primary concern is the safety and security of Canadians. We have multiple aircraft that support our mandate in Ontario and elsewhere in the country. To maintain the integrity of our investigations and operations, the location of our aircraft is not disclosed. We therefore have no additional information to share with you at this time.”

RCMP have been called several times for further information, but would not comment past this statement.

CFB Trenton says they also could not take ownership of any of the mystery plane sightings.

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Christian Lueprecht, a political science professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, says that because the mystery plane is flying at 6,000 feet, has a specific flight pattern and is out at night, he would assume it belongs to a government entity.

“I think we can rest assured that since 9/11, the North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) Command keeps close track of all flying objects, regardless of size, anywhere on the continent, and even the smallest of planes or drones can’t move or take off without NORAD noticing and dispatching military intercept,” said Lueprecht.

Although, both Lueprecht and Aird have supplied educated guesses, there is still no real confirmation as to what the plane is and why it’s been flying over Kingston.

This photo was taken by Aird when the mystery plane flew by his Kingston home during the daytime.

Neil Aird. Neil Aird

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