Vancouver Park Board commissioner wants battery-powered landscaping equipment

The Vancouver Park Board wants battery powered equipment to be used in the city. Cora MacDonald / Global News

A Vancouver Park Board commissioner is bringing a motion to the board next week he hopes will result in a switch to emissions-free landscaping equipment.

Commissioner Dave Demers wants staff to develop a transition plan to switch from gas-powered equipment to environmentally friendly alternatives, and he says the pollution caused by the current equipment is astonishing.

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Along with being bad for the environment, Demers says the current equipment poses health risks for the staff that operate them.

“There’s one thing I think we downplay quite a bit is actually the noise factor. The gas-powered equipment is exceptionally noisy and it’s also the vibration — it’s quite damaging to staff using that gas-powered equipment for any long period of time. So there’s the pollution, there’s the noise, there’s the vibration.”

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Demers says a switch to battery-powered equipment will cost a little more upfront but fix those problems and the money the city will save in gasoline will pay for the investment in a couple of years.

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Demers will introduce his motion to the park board on Monday.

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