January 22, 2019 11:00 am

Scott Thompson: What is it with old guys and bushy eyebrows?

epa07299076 (FILE) - Britain's Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh sits in a car as he watches an event during the Royal Windsor Horse Show in the grounds of Windsor Castle in Windsor, Britain, 11 May 2018 (reissued 19 January 2019). According to media reports, Prince Philip, 97, has been involved in a car accident near Sandringham Estate but was not injured, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said 17 January 2019. EPA/NEIL HALL


After watching the coverage of Prince Philip’s car crash at 97 years of age (husband to Queen Elizabeth) two things came to mind.

Number one: sooner or later most families have to deal with the issue of how to retire aging grandparents from driving.

Number two: What is it with old guys who never trim their eyebrows?

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Prince Philip, the late Andy Rooney, actor Beau Bridges, and even Donald Trump.

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I don’t know why the president hasn’t flipped his up over his forehead to add to his tacked down pompadour.

At the very least, his brow could be used to help secure the nest while his helicopter’s blades are creating a stiff wind gust.

Some elders’ brows seem enormous enough to hold their daily belongings like a pencil and keys, or cradle the phone.

You may even be able to sit the grandkids up there when your hands are busy. ‘Where’s Jimmy?! Oh, are you hiding in papa’s brow again?’

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And what is the magic age when you decide to just let them grow wild? Is it when you realize your ears are growing as much as your hair? Is it one last grasp of masculinity? So what? I need Viagra, but look at my eyebrows!

I don’t know any barber that doesn’t do their best to snip away anything that is unruly. Do old guys stop them from their facial weed whacking,? ‘NO! Don’t touch my eyebrows!’

As far as Prince Philip’s driving goes, perhaps his bushy brows were obstructing his line of sight or simply weighing down his cranium?

One thing is certain, they must be as good as an airbag for cushioning a blow to the head, in case of a car crash.

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