Winnipeg Air Traffic Controllers send pizza to U.S. counterparts

Employees show off their pizza haul in the US from Winnipeg.
Employees show off their pizza haul in the US from Winnipeg. Submitted

Winnipeg Air Traffic Controllers showed support for their American counterparts by sending pizzas across the border.

The act comes in an effort to support federal American employees who are working without a paycheque due to a prolonged partial shutdown of the U.S. government.

Around 50 pizzas were sent by Winnipeg employees to their southern neighbours, according to Peter Duffey, President of CATCA Local 5454.

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Grand Forks and Minneapolis received pizzas from their Winnipeg counterparts over the weekend.

Duffey said the employees searched the location of their American counterparts, and found pizza places nearby, like Little Caesars and Papa John’s.

Air traffic controllers help aircrafts filled with hundreds of people navigate the skies. Many in the U.S. are showing up without pay, as roughly 10,000 air traffic controllers are part of the 24,000 employees within the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration whose jobs are considered essential.

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That means they are required to come into work — with no idea when their next paycheque will come.

Duffey said he’s never been more proud of his employees, as the Canada initiative was taken on by members and not the union.

As of Monday, more than 400 pizzas have been delivered to U.S. employees with love from Canada.

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