Flooding damages seniors affordable housing project in Peachland

An affordable housing project for seniors in Peachland has suffered water damage. Flooding from the fifth floor damaged 20 units. Global News

A seniors housing project in Peachland that’s been years in the making has suffered a setback, as flooding has damaged nearly two dozen units in the new building.

Construction on the affordable housing complex on 6th Street is nearing completion, with 74 units currently being assigned to tenants. A few days ago, crews discovered that water was left on in two separate units on the fifth floor. The water flowed down to the lower suites, damaging 20 of them.

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“We’re all kind of shocked and upset by that,” said Peachland mayor Cindy Fortin. “If it is an accident, well, accidents happen. We are going to get a report in the next couple of days to find out not just what they think happened, but the cost to repair it.

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“Of course, it’s covered by insurance, but I feel bad if there’s going to be any delays for the residents who are very eager to move in there as soon as possible.”

It’s not yet know what kind of delay the flooding may cause. Residents were slated to move in in the next couple of months.

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