London Children’s Museum shares conceptual renderings for new location

Branching Out: A tree house village in a forest full of dancing light and wildlife hideaways. London Children's Museum

A vision for London’s new Children’s Museum is beginning to unfold.

Officials revealed a couple of conceptual renderings Friday that give a first look at what’s planned for 100 Kellogg Lane.

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While planning is in the conceptual stage, some of the ideas include tree-top experiences, dinosaurs, and a hands-on stream.

“We’ve had the opportunity over the last six months to work with Gyroscope, a design company out of California that really are experts in designing innovative spaces for children,” said Amanda Conlon, executive director of the Children’s Museum.

“We’re taking this space and we are transitioning it from a factory into a children’s museum and then we’re working on — now that we have the vision — the design, development, installation, and fabrication of those exhibits.”

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Branching Out: A tree house village in a forest full of dancing light and wildlife hideaways. London Children's Museum

Conlon added that the designs were created with input from hundreds of kids, families, and educators over the last six months.

“We asked kids in this community: what do you want? Children’s museums are really meant to be reflective of the community they serve.”

The Children’s Museum is in the early stages of fundraising to cover the $14-million price tag for the new space; so far, $4 million has been raised.

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Conlon said the fee structure at the new space will be “similar” and noted that the Children’s Museum will offer all of their accessible programs at 100 Kellogg Lane.

The new museum is expected to open in 2021 but until then, the location at 21 Wharncliffe Rd. S. will remain open. Updates on progress will also be shared online.