Dad makes daughter walk 8km to school after she bullied kids on bus

Click to play video: 'Dad makes daughter walk eight kilometres to school as punishment for bullying' Dad makes daughter walk eight kilometres to school as punishment for bullying
ABOVE: father teaches daughter a lesson about bullying by making her walk 8 km to school – Dec 6, 2018

A father in Ohio made his 10-year-old daughter walk eight kilometres to school to teach her a lesson after she was kicked off a bus for bullying other students.

Matt Cox posted a video showing his daughter walking on the side of a road early Monday.

“This lovely lady is my 10-year-old daughter who has, for the second time this school year, been kicked off the school bus, due to bullying another student,” Cox said as followed his kid in a vehicle. “Let me make this extremely clear: bullying is unacceptable, especially in my household.”

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The father explained his daughter brought home a note from the school on Friday explaining she had been suspended from the busing service.

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“She said ‘Daddy, you’re going to have to take me to school next week,’” Cox said. “As you see this morning, she is learning otherwise. “So today, my beautiful daughter is going to walk five miles (eight kilometres) to school in 36 degree (2C) weather.

“I know a lot of you parents are not going to agree with this, but that is all right because I’m doing what I feel is right to teach my daughter a lesson and to stop her from bullying,” Cox said.

Cox’s video has been shared over 350,000 times and viewed over 16 million since Monday morning.

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“Good job dad. I agree with your decision because bullying is not acceptable,” reads a comment.

“Seriously dad your (sic) the one who is a bully…. that is too far for a young child to walk and also Dad your (sic) a moron for showing the video and putting it on YouTube,” reads another.

“Teaching our kids that their actions result in consequences!!!!! Great idea,” a comment reads.

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