Outrage continues over Rehtaeh Parsons death

HALIFAX – The story of Rehtaeh Parsons, 17, who took her own life after relentless cyberbullying is reverberating strongly in the Halifax area.

Three days after news broke the teen’s death, emotions are still raw in the community.

“It’s a very heartbreaking story,” said one woman. “I feel for the family. My heart goes out to them.”

“I’m really appalled by the whole situation,” said David Kelly. “I’m wondering where our young people are going and perhaps why they are going where they are going.”

“I just imagine myself with two daughters her age,” said Donna Lovell. “I think I would be feeling pretty upset about the whole ordeal.”

Some people in the community are upset about the depths of cyberbullying.

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“It breaks my heart people are committing suicide over it,” said one woman.

“The bottom line is this idea of going on the Internet and disgracing somebody whether it be true or false is terribly wrong,” said Kelly.

Others believe Parsons was let down by those in power.

“They tried to get help but there was nowhere for them to get support,” said Denyse Watters.

“I think she’s been let down by the province, the Justice Department and the RCMP,” said Bert Staples.

They want action to be taken.

“There should be a law of some kind that should support people who are going through something like this,” said Watters.

“Whether there was an organization or just individual people or whatever, justice should be dealt with,” said Lovell.

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