George W. Bush slips Michelle Obama candy during father’s funeral

Click to play video 'George W. Bush shakes hands with Trump, former presidents' George W. Bush shakes hands with Trump, former presidents
ABOVE: George W. Bush shakes hands with current and former presidents, while slipping Michelle Obama what appeared to be a piece of candy – Dec 5, 2018

George W. Bush greeted a packed bench of current and former presidents with handshakes and smiles at his father’s state funeral Wednesday — and had a sweet exchange with former first lady Michelle Obama.

As Bush entered the church for George H.W. Bush’s funeral service, he stopped to shake hands with U.S. President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump, former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, as well as former first ladies Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Rosalynn Carter.

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While shaking hands with Michelle, the former president handed her what appeared to be a piece of candy.

Earlier this year, Bush also handed Michelle a piece of candy at Senator John McCain’s funeral.

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During McCain’s funeral, Bush was seen grabbing a mint from his wife, former First Lady Laura Bush, and then passed it to Michelle who mouthed “thank you” with a smile, according to TIME.

“[President Bush] is my partner in crime at every major thing where all the formers gather. So we’re together all the time, and I love him to death. He’s a wonderful man. He’s a funny man,” Michelle Obama told the Today show in October.

Before the funeral service started, the former first lady shared a picture of her and George H.W. Bush, calling him an “extraordinary example for all of us.”

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“His spirit of service and decency will be missed by many, including our family. I hope his memory will be a guiding light for our country and those around the world,” she said.

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