Montrealer Bart Soroczynski stars in latest J.K Rowling film

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WATCH: Travelling from Montreal to the wonderful world of Harry Potter is something Bart Soroszynski can cross off his bucket list. The actor joins Global's Laura Casella and Kim Sullivan to talk about his experience in the latest Fantastic Beasts film – Dec 5, 2018

Montreal’s Bart Soroczynski travels to the wizarding world of Harry Potter with his casting in the latest Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindelwald.

He joined Global’s Laura Casella and Kim Sullivan to talk about coming home and playing the role of Stebbins in the sequel to Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Montreal is the city Soroczynski was raised in and also the place his parents call home. After leaving in 2001, Soroczynski is also ready to call it home.

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“I always come here once a year,” he said. “Now it’s time to come home.”

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During his younger years, Soroczynski was constantly surrounded by the circus.

His father is the co-founder of the circus school in Verdun and has previous experience working in circuses, like Cirque de Soleil.

Soroczynski attended the National Circus School and travelled with a contemporary circus school around the world.

“Circus was given to me. I grew up in it, it was my playground,” he said. “I was very lucky when I was young.”

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Though the circus was a large part of his life, it wasn’t his first love. “My first love was acting,” Soroczynski said.

His journey to becoming an actor started in 2007 and continued across the globe.

“When I finished my show with Cirque Eloize, I was living in Argentina and studied acting in Argentina,” he said.

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After Argentina, he came back to Montreal to attend an acting workshop which turned into roles in two separate plays in Paris, France.

Another workshop in London led him to meet an agent. He ended up in the Royal Shakespeare company.

Thinking back on his journey, he questioned himself, “What am I doing here?”

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He asked himself that same question on July 14, 2017 — the first day of filming of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

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On that day he found himself a bit starstruck. “I was getting my makeup done and then Eddie Redmayne, oh my God, Oscar winner (came in),” he said.

On the film, Soroczynski also works with the likes of Jude Law — somebody that he’s always admired as an actor.

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Working with the two actors only gave him more respect for the two stars.

“They’re just so sweet,” he said.

When asked whether moving back to Montreal will restrict his career, he says he doubts it but is willing to risk it for the quality of life.

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“I think the quality of life in Montreal is good and the mix of the Quebecois and English culture is beautiful,” Soroczynski said.

“I’ve lived in Switzerland, I’ve lived in France, I’ve lived in London, I’ve lived in Argentina and I can tell you that Montreal is so nice.”

As for another movie, Soroczynski teased that he’s not dead, but “I can’t say stuff.”


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