No bull: B.C. home to one massive steer

Jim Saiko of Armstrong, B.C., is the owner of Buddy, a steer that tilts the scales at 6-foot-5 and 2,400 pounds. Buddy is becoming a local celebrity, with people stopping to take pictures of him.

It’s been a news week of cows — giant ones.

There’s Dozer in Manitoba, measuring 6-foot-5.

And Knickers, the Australian steer, coming in at 6-foot-4, followed Cowboy of California at 6-foot-6 and about 3,000 pounds.

Add B.C. steer Buddy to the list.

“His last measurements were 6-foot-5 and a half,” said owner Jim Saiko of Armstrong.

WATCH BELOW: You don’t want to have a beef with this guy. Knickers is a seven-year-old steer believed to be the biggest steer in Australia.

Australian cow ‘Knickers’ saved from slaughter by size
Australian cow ‘Knickers’ saved from slaughter by size

Saiko got Buddy six years ago when it was a calf — with the intent of turning him into steaks. Instead, they bonded.

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“He’s a friend now,” said Saiko. “He’s my buddy.”

Buddy’s isn’t just tall; he also weighs a ton. Well, more than that, actually.

“Twenty-four hundred-plus pounds,” said Saiko. “And look at the length of him. He’s huge.”

So huge, he keeps out growing his shelter.

“I had to get a friend of mine to cut the door open a couple of times because he’s too big,” said Saiko.

WATCH BELOW: While “Knickers” has made headlines after being found to be an extremely large cow in Australia, a California town is claiming they may have one that’s even bigger named “Cowboy.”

Cow in U.S. may be bigger than Australia’s ‘Knickers’
Cow in U.S. may be bigger than Australia’s ‘Knickers’

And, as it turns out, Buddy has become somewhat of a local celebrity.

“There’s always cars stopping taking pictures,” said Saiko. “I have people coming into the yard asking if they can take pictures of Buddy.”

Today, Buddy and Saiko have become inseparable.

“If I walk around this property, he just follows me like a dog.”

But that inseparable bond might be coming to an end. Saiko is moving and can’t take Buddy with him. So whoever buys his property might also become owner of a 2,400-pound, 6-foot-5 behemoth.

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“I hope that if someone does buy my property, they’d want to keep him,” said Saiko.

And inherit one of the world’s largest pets.