Coffee cup sleeve campaign shines light on Hamilton’s marginalized populations

Wesley Urban Ministries launches a coffee cup sleeve campaign . Wesley Urban Ministries

Wesley Urban Ministries is hoping to give local residents something to talk about over their morning cup of coffee.

The organization has launched a new campaign as part of Giving Tuesday.

A series of coffee cup sleeves featuring the faces and success stories of people who have accessed services at Wesley has been released at cafes across Hamilton.

They tap into issues of homelessness and poverty in the city and the barriers faced by what the organization describes as marginalized populations, such as refugees.


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Adam Vrankulj, Wesley’s marketing and fundraising specialist, says the campaign is a way to humanize the work they do in Hamilton.

“We think it could be a conversation starter for a group of people, we think it could be something to read on a bus for someone else, quite frankly we think it could be a distraction in a meeting,” he said.

Wesley Urban Ministries provides newcomer support, housing services and programs for children and families in Hamilton.

Vrankulj says by launching the campaign on Giving Tuesday, Wesley is trying to tap into discussions about giving back.

“We know that people (today) are thinking about some of these community agencies and organizations and people who aren’t able to go Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping,” he said.

The sleeves can be found at Mulberry Coffeehouse, Democracy* on Locke, Red Church, 193 Bench Kitchen, the John St. Diner, First Start Cafe and Deco’s Diner to start.

Wesley Urban Ministries says it will rotate the faces and stories being told on the sleeve throughout the campaign.

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