Winnipeg’s annual snow route parking ban in effect

The city's annual snow route parking ban has been lifted. Global News / File

Double check where you park overnight, as the city’s annual snow route parking ban is in effect Dec. 1. through March 1.

There are two signs drivers can look for to avoid parking in the wrong spot.

Snow route signs.
Snow route signs. City of Winnipeg

The city said snow routes are top priority for snow clearing.

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The snow route ban is enforceable whether there is clearing to be done or not. Vehicles parked on any street marked as a snow route will receive a $100 ticket.

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There are five different winter parking bans issued by the City of Winnipeg:

  • Annual Snow Route Parking Ban: parking is banned between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m.
  • Declared Snow Route Parking Ban: if extra snow clearing is needed, the annual snow route parking ban is starts earlier at 12 a.m.
  • Residential Parking Ban: Used in an extreme snowfall where all residential streets are assigned a snow zone, determining when a 12-hour period of snow clearing on the street will occur.
  • Snow Emergency: The Mayor can declare this at anytime, which prompts a snow emergency parking ban that prohibits parking on snow routes.
  • Temporary No Parking: Signs will be placed indicating, if individual streets require additional snow removal.

The Snow Route ban is the only one implemented according to the calendar — all others are put into effect on an as-needed basis.

The City of Winnipeg offers email and twitter notifications to subscribers wanting to know when parking bans will go into effect near them.

-With files from Sharon Pfeifer