Montreal Sikh community marks 31 years of donating to local charities

WATCH: This past Friday, Sikhs around the world celebrated the birthday of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. In Montreal, part of the festivities held on Sunday, included giving back to local charities.

Members of the Gurudwara Sahib Quebec Sikh temple raised $6,000 for local Montreal non-profit organizations.

Members gathered at the Pointe-Saint-Chalres temple Sunday to celebrate the 549th birthday of their religions founder, Guru Nanak.

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The Sikh community uses the annual celebration as an opportunity to give back.

“One of the principle pillars of our religion is to share,” said Gurudwara Sahib Quebec Temple president Opkar Sandhu.

“We use this as away to give back to the outer community.”

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The Sun Youth Organization has been a recipient of the temple’s donations for over 31 years.

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This year, Sun Youth will be receiving $3,500 in donations.

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The Share the Warmth foundation has also had a long time partnership with the Sikh community, spanning 11 years.

They have been given $2,500 in donations.

Sandhu says the annual expression of goodwill lets the Sikh community reach out and help others.

“The little we do contribute goes a long way,” Sandu said. “It reaches a community that we may not reach otherwise.”

“It shows that if a small community can donate and help,  then the larger community can do the same,” said Sun Youth vice-president Sid Stevens.

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Stevens graciously thanked the Montreal Sikh community as he was presented a symbolic food hamper.

WATCH: Montreal gives helping hand to Sun Youth

Montreal gives helping hand to Sun Youth
Montreal gives helping hand to Sun Youth

The donations come just in time, ahead of the annual Sun Youth Christmas baskets.

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Brossard mayor Doreen Assad was also a guest in attendance for the ceremony.

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