Lethbridge City Council orders independent fiscal review

Finance Committee is meeting all week to develop the next four-year operating budget in Lethbridge. Global News

An independent fiscal performance review of all City of Lethbridge operations over the next three years has been ordered by the finance committee.

A unanimous vote approving a resolution for the review was passed Monday.

The city manager was directed by council members to launch a series of reviews to examine the financial and economic value of programs, services, service-delivery models and service levels to the community.

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“As council, we are seeking a frank, objective assessment of the strengths, efficiencies and opportunities for improvement that exist throughout the organization,” Deputy Mayor Ryan Parker said in a statement to media.

Parker is chairing the finance committee’s operating budget deliberations this week.

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“As we begin budget deliberations, now is the right time to be taking an in-depth look at city operations,” Parker said.

The city said an independent third party will be selected through a competitive process to build on bench-marking work already completed as well as lessons learned in other jurisdictions.

“We want to improve Lethbridge’s standing in the province when it comes to the level of residential property taxation,” Mayor Chris Spearman said.

“The results of this review will help us make thoughtful, fact-based decisions that will get more value out of every tax dollar for residents of our city.”

A plan identifying a review schedule and areas of focus is to be submitted to council this January.

The finance committee is meeting all week to develop the next four-year operating budget, which is set to go before council Nov. 26.

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