Scott Thompson: Should a murderer’s mother tell her kid’s story?

The mother of killer Luka Magnotta has written a book about his life.

Magnotta was convicted of killing Chinese exchange student Lin Jun, posting the murder and mutilation online, as well as mailing the body parts to schools and political parties.

He was brought back to Canada for trial after fleeing to Europe and is serving a life sentence for his actions.

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For his mother, Anna Yourkin, telling the story has been cathartic.

Not testifying at the trial, or speaking to anyone about what had happened, writing was her way to cope. Many may ask, Magnotta’s victim never got that chance, why should she?

True, but as in many situations like this, the collateral damage goes well beyond the victim, to family and friends on both sides.

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That being said, just because you write doesn’t mean you have to publish your thoughts, even if there may be valuable information to share on such people.

Many have questioned whether the mother should profit from her son’s crime. However, that is not up to the mother but those who decide to purchase the book.

I’m guessing she would gladly give up most anything, to change past events.

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.

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