Video captures joyful law student’s reaction to passing her bar exam

Video captures joyful law student’s reaction to passing her bar exam
WATCH: Arielle Williams falls to the ground screaming when she finds out she passed her bar exam.

After doing her LSATs twice, applying to countless schools and working two jobs, Arielle Williams finally found out that she passed her bar exam. Her reaction, captured on video, is priceless.

The Chicago, Illinois native was the first to graduate from college on her mother’s side, according to CBS 2. She received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work, after taking out two loans and working two jobs.

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According to the news channel, she then applied to eight different law schools and was rejected to all of them. But she says passion kept her going.

“I’ve only wanted to be an attorney,” Arielle Williams told CBS 2. “It’s the only thing I ever wanted to do.”

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She retook her LSATs and re-applied to schools. She then graduated from DePaul University.

Fast-forward to today, and Williams is thrilled to have passed her bar exam.

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“I’m here right now because of my passion,” Williams said. “Because of my drive.”

In the video captured by her colleague at Stone & Associates in Waukegan, you see Williams — who is an intern at the firm — pace back and forth before she opens up an email showing her exam results. She then falls to the ground screaming in joy.

Now, the video has gone viral.

Williams says she’s celebrated the achievement with her family and has a party planned in November for when she participates in the bar admission ceremony.