Barrie police warn residents after senior falls victim to scam targeting grandparents

File photo of a Barrie police cruiser.
File photo of a Barrie police cruiser. Barrie Police Service / Facebook

A senior in Barrie is out $2,500 after falling victim to a scam targeting grandparents.

According to Barrie police, on Oct. 17, a 96-year-old woman from Barrie received a phone call from an unknown person.

Police say the caller told the woman her grandson was involved in a vehicle collision in another province and needed money immediately.

Officers say during the call a second man came on the line pretending to be the woman’s grandson, and begged for help, pleading her not to tell any other family members about his situation.

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According to police, the victim agreed to pay $2,500, and the scammer arranged for a delivery service to go to her apartment to collect the money.

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Police say the money was exchanged and the victim was led to believe the money was going to help her grandson in need.

Officers are urging residents who receive a phone call from someone claiming to be their grandchild or someone representing a loved one to take steps to ensure the call is legitimate.

Police say you should take time to verify the story, call the child’s parents or friends to find out their whereabouts and ask questions only your loved ones would be able to answer.

Additionally, officers say you should not answer questions or give out personal information which could be used against you, and you should never send money to anyone you don’t know and trust.

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Police say if you receive a fraudulent call, you should report it immediately.

“Oftentimes these scams happen and are not reported to police for various reasons, however, investigators are encouraging anyone that falls victim, whether the loss is a small denomination or large, to file a report immediately,” the police release reads.

Officers are urging anyone who thinks they have fallen victim to this scam to report it to Barrie police at 705-725-7025.


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