Incumbent mayor requests recount after losing by single vote in Peachland

Incumbent Peachland mayor Cindy Fortin is requesting a recount after losing by a single vote on election night.

Harry Gough is the mayor-elected with 804 votes, compared to 803 votes for Fortin.

Fortin, who was seeking a second term as mayor after serving four years as a city councillor, believes opponents of a controversial development on Beach Ave. helped get Gough into power.

“My first thought was shock, I did not expect that particular candidate to win, I thought it would be closer between me and someone else,” she said.

Opponents of the mixed-use commercial building expressed concern that the five storey high building went against the Official Community Plan which lists a three-storey maximum.

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“I voted in favour of it because it was truly only nine feet difference,” Fortin said.

Given the razor-thin margin of victory, Fortin is requesting a recount of the ballots.

“I have requested of the corporate officer who is also in charge of the elections to do a recount. I think it’s only fair,” she said.”

“I want to know for sure what the ballot count was, I would like the addresses checked too because this has been a really determined campaign.”

Fortin said she would concede to Gough if the results stand.

“He’s worked a hard campaign as well.”

Terry Condon, Pam Cunningham, Patrick Van Minsel, Mike Kent, Keith Fielding and Pete Coolio have been elected as city councillors.

Officials said 2,348 ballots were cast in the election, which means voter turnout is approximately 52 per cent.


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