Manitoba seizes illegal smokes, other contraband

The province seized thousands of illegal cigarettes and other contraband tobacco products. Global News file

Eleven people and four businesses are facing charges following an enforcement blitz on the trade of illegal cigarettes by Manitoba Finance’s Taxation Special Investigations Unit.

The unit announced Thursday that it had seized 10,412 contraband cigarettes, 19.024 grams of sheehsa product (flavoured tobacco) containing illegal tobacco, and $10,689 in cash. A Manitoba-registered vehicle was also impounded.

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Charges were laid under the Manitoba Tobacco Tax Act and the Tax Administration and Miscellaneous Taxes Act. If convicted, those charged fines fines between $1,000-$10,000 and up to six months imprisonment.

The illegal tobacco products weren’t marked for Manitoba tax purposes, and would have prevented the province from collecting more than $8,300 in tax revenue had they been sold.

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