Vancouver airport warning travellers about flying with pot in your luggage

Do’s and don’t of travelling with marijuana
At Vancouver International Airport, officials are sharing the do's and don'ts of travelling with marijuana. Tanya Beja has our top story.

As the details surrounding marijuana legalization are still being announced, questions remain about the rules on air travel.

Signs are going up around Vancouver International Airport (YVR), warning travellers that carrying marijuana across international boundaries is illegal.

It will still be against the law to pack bags with pot when travelling internationally even into areas or U.S. states where marijuana is already legal.

“As long as the flight is domestic, people are allowed to bring up to a certain quantity for their personal use,” Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau said.

“However, I would remind people if they’re going to a country like the United States – the rules of that country are the rules that apply.”

While pot is legal in several U.S. states, it’s not on a federal level and you could face serious criminal penalties.

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Photos of signs up at YVR. Credit: Tanya Beja / Global News

For those travelling to the U.S. from YVR, they are reminded that once they clear customs in Vancouver, they are considered to be in the United States.

It is also illegal to transport cannabis used for medical purposes across international borders.

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According to Transport Canada, passengers will be permitted up to 30 grams of cannabis in either their carry-on or tucked away in their luggage.

It is not yet clear how that will be measured or weighed.

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