ICBC says repeat road test failures creating 58-day backlog

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ICBC says the wait time to take a road test to get a class 5 or 7 driver’s licence is about 58 days.

The problem? Many people turning up unprepared to take the test.

Spokesperson Joanna Linsangan says wait times are long because a percentage of people are clogging up the system by failing the test over and over again.

“We’ve seen instances where people have come in 12 times to take their final exam with us and have failed.”

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She says a growing number of people are coming in unprepared and treating the road test like a driving lesson.

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“These road tests… it’s really for you to get your licence. It’s not a way for you to practice your skills.”

It costs $50 to take a road test which is a lot cheaper than taking driving lessons and that may be the problem.

Stats show only 62 per cent of people passed their Class 5 or 7 test on the first try.

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