Adopt a Pal: Insta-famous dog and other pooches looking for forever homes

Click to play video 'Manitoba Underdogs Rescue looking for foster parents' Manitoba Underdogs Rescue looking for foster parents
Manitoba Underdogs Rescue talks about the upcoming need it has for foster parents as it helps rescue animals find forever homes – Oct 15, 2018

Every Monday on Adopt a Pal, Global News Morning features rescues in Manitoba to help them find forever homes.

This week, Manitoba Underdogs Rescue drops by with a dog getting all the likes on Instagram, a playful puppy and a pooch that has been going through a major diet.

Calvin is 1.5-years-old and loves to cuddle, especially during thunderstorms. He gets along well with kids, but with cats, not so much.

Calvin also has no tongue, but his foster parent points out it makes no major difference aside from the fact he may drool a little extra when he gets excited. Calvin is getting a lot of attention with his Instagram page and with the attention, comes the likes.

Calvin is looking for his forever home. Adriana Zhang / Global News

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Bobby has been in care for almost two years and has gone through a major weight change. He came to Manitoba Underdogs weighing 120 lbs. and is now about 65 lbs., a normal weight for his size. Being a Border Collie, Bobby is looking to keep busy with lots of walks. He is currently keeping busy with a herding class he takes once a week.

Bobby spent time on Global News Morning in hopes of finding a new forever home. Adriana Zhang / Global News

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Kale the puppy first came to Manitoba Underdogs about two weeks ago and wasn’t able to walk. After been seen by some vets and going on some medication, Kale is now doing great with the help of lots of love by foster parents. Kale can now walk all over, climbs stairs, and run around.

Kale is looking for a forever home. Adriana Zhang / Global News

Foster parents are in high demand right now for Manitoba Underdogs. Two mothers will be giving birth to puppies in the coming weeks, with another two who have recently given birth. The process of becoming a foster parent can be found here.

Officials note a lot resources are available to ensure fostering is a smooth process for everyone.

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WATCH: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue drops by with adorable puppies looking for their new homes.

Click to play video 'Adopt a Pal: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue' Adopt a Pal: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue
Adopt a Pal: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue – Oct 15, 2018