Toronto incumbent mayor John Tory says city preparing for cannabis legalization

Click to play video: 'Smoking cannabis in Toronto, like other cities, is about to change in a big way' Smoking cannabis in Toronto, like other cities, is about to change in a big way
With the Ontario government relaxing rules for where marijuana can be smoked, Toronto's mayor is welcoming the changes. Matthew Bingley reports – Sep 27, 2018

With cannabis legalization just days away, incumbent Toronto mayor John Tory says he’s preparing City officials and police officers for any issues that may arise.

In a press release sent out Sunday, Tory said he wrote a letter to Ontario Attorney General Caroline Mulroney, outlining the City’s plans.

“While I support cannabis legalization, that support — as mayor of Toronto — has consistently been contingent on three basic principles being satisfied: that safety of neighbourhoods is maintained; public health is protected; and the City isn’t unfairly burdened with increased enforcement and social costs triggered by this significant change,” Tory wrote in a series of tweets.

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“I’ve asked City officials and Toronto police to closely monitor and report on the impacts of cannabis legalization so that any issues can be dealt with quickly.”

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The release said Tory is committed to ensuring the number of cannabis storefronts popping up in residential neighbourhoods will be monitored.

As well, he said city officials will deal with any challenges “posed by illegal dispensaries.”

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“In the interests of safety and stability we cannot let this transitional period result in a continuation or an acceleration of what are disruptive and illegal activities,” wrote Tory.

“There will be increased costs borne by the City of Toronto and those costs will be disproportionate to other cities in the province. On that point, I hope there is no dispute. My strong desire is that we can continue the discussion that began with the previous provincial government on the magnitude of those costs and how the City, to the full extent possible, is kept whole financially.”

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