Saint John bubble soccer tournament raises funds for Children’s Wish Foundation

Saturday's bubble soccer tournament to benefit the Children's Wish Foundation featured six teams of five players. Callum Smith/Global News

Teams took to the pitch at Shamrock Park in Saint John, N.B., Saturday for a game of bubble soccer in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Before competing, players of the sport were strapped in to a balloon-like bubble and, much like regular soccer, tried to score on their opponents. However, there was one key difference: hitting.

Competitors were taking and throwing hits all while trying to score on their opponents. Callum Smith/Global News

The game marked the end of months of fundraising by the Bayview Credit Union, which handed over a cheque for $14,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

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“To see everybody out here and to know that we raised the $14,000 for Children’s Wish, it’s just a great feeling,” says organizer Carolyn MacPherson.

Fundraising efforts have included 50-50 draws, an online auction and events like the bubble soccer tournament, which also featured a bake sale and barbecue.

The tournament was put on in honour of a co-worker whose child has benefited from the Children’s Wish Foundation.

“Some of (the players), if you watch them, they’re a little dizzy when they’re walking around because they’ve rolled a few times,” says MacPherson.

Organizer Carolyn MacPherson says it’s great to see the community come together to support a good cause. Callum Smith/Global News

The players were all smiles and laughs while taking part in competition.

“We have great community support here in New Brunswick,” says Kelly Hare, who is the provincial director of the Children’s Wish Foundation. “This is just a prime example of that.”

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For players going up against Alex McGarvey, it was necessary to come prepared.

“Ask my opponents; I’m pretty dominant,” he says. “I’ve been knocked over once off a double-team, but it’s pretty much just football with a soccer ball. You’re just hammering people all day long and it’s awesome.”

The competition may have been stiff, but the Children’s Wish Foundation prevailed as the real winner.

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