English CEGEP student associations fight Bill 14

David Sedell / Global News

MONTREAL – The Coalition of Anglophone CEGEPs has banded together against proposed changes to the language law.

“We felt there was a social injustice with bill 14 and formed a petition” explains Mackenzie Anderson from the Marianopolis Student Association.

Under the new language law, students would have to take a French test to get their CEGEP diploma.  English students out of high school would have priority over Francophones to enter English CEGEPs. Administrators at the federation of CEGEPs will speak at hearings into the new law at the end of next week.

Students like John Abbott’s Adriana Cefis want to make sure they have a say in the on-going language debate.

“Its interesting to be with people in class who don’t necessarily have the same background or speak the same language,” explains Cefis.

The Parti-Quebecois government’s position is that giving Anglophones priority to English CEGEPs is a way of protecting their rights.

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The five schools that signed the petition include Vanier college, Marianopolis, John Abbott, Champlain Saint-Lambert and Champlain College Lennoxville.

They meet again on Friday and are planning on reaching out to French CEGEPS for support.