Concord Pacific CEO Terry Hui talks green plans to redevelop Northeast False Creek

WATCH: In a rare interview, the owner of Concord Pacific is talking about his latest plans for the last piece of undeveloped land in False Creek. Ted Chernecki reports.

Concord Pacific CEO Terry Hui is on a roll. He is just back from Italy where he became the first Canadian to win the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup.

He won the Wally Class category aboard the Lyra, a sailboat he only purchased three months ago. He was at the helm even though he only just started sailing competitively.

He also won with the greenest boat in the race.

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“If you are sailing, it will run for a day without turning any diesel generator,” Hui said.

Hui’s interest in green technology extends to Concord Pacific, one of Canada’s largest development companies. The company has several renewable energy projects that it claims more than powers all the new condos they build.

“We have 12 independent power projects that’s either solar or hydro or wind, so we have invested heavily in that business.”

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Concord also sees the electric car as the future.

One of Concord’s new buildings has 500 parking stalls all wired for high-speed electrical vehicle charging. Another project will add 1,500 more such stalls.

Hui also sees a bright future for Northeast False Creek.

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Hui said Concord is opening a temporary park in Northeast False Creek and that there are plans for a permanent park.

“I think there’s probably not enough harbour to really let people really enjoy False Creek,” he said.

“There’s not a commercial hub, so we want to create something that is — I hate to use the word ‘world-class’ — but I want something appropriate for Vancouver but is the next generation of harbourfront that will let people enjoy the protected water and also [have] enough entertainment and commercial activities.”

Hui said Concord Pacific is working with the City of Vancouver with “rezoning in the next year or so.”