2 solar-powered vehicles added to growing Saskatoon fleet

Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative now has a total of six vehicles, including four which are solar-powered. Brenden Purdy / Global News

Saskatoon’s fleet of solar-powered cars continues to grow.

Several organizations, including the Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES), unveiled their third and fourth electric vehicles (EVs) on Wednesday.

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The effort is meant to lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce parking congestion and provide affordable transportation options.

“There’s a one-time membership fee of $500 that’s refundable whenever you leave the membership,” SES executive director Allyson Brady said.

“But in the meantime, you each basically pay per kilometre and per hour that you use the car. It’s still cheaper than a taxi cab and it provides you more flexibility as well.”

As of Sept. 5, four sharable EVs are available through the Saskatoon Carshare Co-operative: one each in Nutana and Riversdale, and two in City Park,.

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There are also two gas vehicles for a total of six vehicle serving the three neighbourhoods.

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The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) will be capturing and analyzing a wide array of data from both the vehicles and the charging stations to assess how EVs could best be utilized in Saskatchewan.

“Our unique prairie climate creates both challenges and opportunities related to transportation and energy management,” SRC research engineer Ryan Jansen said in a press release.

Another EV is expected to be launched soon.

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