Convicted Banff rapist Albert Muckle denied day and full parole

Calgary Courts Centre
FILE: The exterior of the Calgary Courts Centre in downtown Calgary. Global News

Parole has been denied for the man who brutally raped and nearly killed a Banff woman 13 years ago.

Albert George Muckle was declared a dangerous offender after he was found guilty of sexual assault and attempted murder.

He attacked a young, pregnant hotel worker in Banff in July 2005, leaving her for dead.

The dangerous offender designation carries an indefinite prison sentence, which is reviewed every couple of years.

In documents obtained by Global News, the Parole Board of Canada heard Muckle’s case again this week.

The board said Muckle, 38, is still a “very high risk to reoffend” violently and sexually, adding he hasn’t taken taken part in any institutional programming.

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“He is often angry and impulsive,” the Correctional Service of Canada wrote to the board. “He doesn’t hesitate to verbally threaten clinical and security staff.”

That includes one incident in the past month, when Muckle made an inappropriate comment towards a female corrections officer before threatening her.

“You explained that due to health complications, you were stressed out and felt the officers were not assisting you,” the board said of how Muckle tried to explain his actions. “The board pointed out your inability to manage frustration appropriately in the institution.”

His actions in prison, including being found with a weapon, have led to him being placed into segregration or moved to other institutions.

When it comes to the attack in Banff in 2005, Muckle claimed he was appealing his conviction and “have been told to not discuss the event.”

The board said he cites evidence was covered up by police and still maintains his innocence, adding he pleaded guilty in order to be transferred to his home province.

The board concluded that day and full parole should be denied once again.