Brampton youth filmmakers raising funds to see their documentary screened in Germany

Movie theatre seats. JanneM / Flickr

BRAMPTON, Canada – A group of young filmmakers from Brampton, Ont., are raising funds to travel to Germany for the screening of their documentary on homelessness.

The documentary was created as part of Reel Youth, a program for teenagers across Canada to build film production skills and learn about communities.

Seventeen-year-old Joshua Boxill is one of the filmmakers and says he created a GoFundMe campaign this week to get him and two other youth who made the film to the festival.

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The film – titled “Please don’t let me die on the street” – is about a homeless senior from Brampton and will be screened at the REC International Young Film Festival in Berlin at the end of September.

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Boxill says the film dispels stereotypes around homelessness and raises issues around affordable housing in the Greater Toronto Area.

The high school student says he’s trying to raise $10,000 so that he can also bring along the film’s subject, who he says has become a friend.

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