Police in New Mexico praise men who shielded others after gunfire broke out

WATCH ABOVE: WARNING: Video contains violent content not suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion advised.

Two men including an off-duty firefighter are being lauded by police in Espanola, New Mexico, after their selfless acts to cover others were caught on camera when gunfire erupted at a gas station in late June.

Police released CCTV footage from the Giant gas station on Aug. 23 which showed off-duty firefighter Enrico Trujillo diving to the ground and shielding a woman with his body as the gunfire erupted.

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Customers in the store ran for cover as shots were fired from outside, shattering the glass in the front of the store in multiple places.

Walking out of the store with a friend, Trujillo told KRQE “I saw two people fighting and by then a crowd started to form outside.”

“I saw a kid walking from the back of a vehicle and he loaded a gun. We heard gunshots go off. She ran back in the store in front of me and my first instinct was just to cover her.”

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The other man police have also commended can be seen grabbing two young children and ushering them into the back of the store.

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Luckily, no one was injured during the incident and police were able to arrest two men in relation to the shooting.

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