Boy on bicycle struck by vehicle at Highway 33 in Kelowna

A 7-year-old boy was taken to Kelowna General Hospital in stable condition after being struck down by a vehicle Monday evening.

The accident happened on Highway 33 at Black Mountain Road around 6:40 p.m.

The boy was on his bike and about to cross Highway 33 at the intersection when a vehicle hit him.

A woman who stopped to administer first aid told Global News the boy seemed in good spirits.

“He could move his feet and his legs,” Anita Weiss said. “He was a little bit in shock, but he’s lucky. He’s a lucky boy.”

“His injuries are superficial, but there is a large scrape on his back. They’re going to take him to the hospital and make sure he’s OK.”

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The woman behind the wheel of the vehicle was cooperating with RCMP.

The child may have begun crossing the road before it was safe, according to Weiss.