Singing ambassadors greet visitors at Toronto’s Waterfront

The singing ambassadors perform for visitor at Toronto's waterfront. Susan Hay / Global News

They’re known as the singing ambassadors and their job this summer is to sing along Toronto’s Waterfront while offering assistance with directions and recommendations to visitors.

“I know a lot of people get stress out, especially if they’re tourists trying to navigate this area,” said Hannah Nes, a waterfront singing ambassador.

“When they see us singing and being really happy to give them information, it puts a smile on their face.”

Presented by the Waterfront BIA, the group of eight musically trained perform impromptu a cappella renditions of classic summer hits and modern contemporary tunes five days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. until Sept. 3.

“In 2013, we were facing a significant amount of construction, a lot of disruption,” said Kevin Currie, board chair of the Waterfront BIA. “And as much as this [Waterfront] looks really beautiful and enhanced now, we were looking for a way to help people navigate an area in a very complex environment. The ambassadors seemed to spring forward as a great idea.”
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The award-winning singing ambassadors remain a popular summertime favorite helping to make the Toronto Waterfront a fun and welcoming destination.

“The fact that we get to sing every day when we’re down here and it’s amazing to be outside for your job and get to experience the wonderful culture, arts and all the lovely tourists and residents of the waterfront,” said Nes.

“They engage local tourists and residents in a fabulous way and their energy just helps bring a positive perspective to what’s happening along our waterfront,” said Currie.

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