Roy Green: As coups go, Maxime Bernier’s is a collision between Hindenburg and Titanic

Maxime Bernier announces he will leave the Conservative Party during a news conference in Ottawa, Thursday Aug. 23, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

The manifesto of the about-to-be unveiled, but as yet unnamed Canadian conservative political party fits neatly into six tweets.

Six tweets and @MaximeBernier set the hook. Firmly.

This Bernier coup attempt resulted in no bloody mid-March togas and it’s unlikely Andrew Scheer was heard to utter, “Et tu Maxime,” even in feigned surprise.

But it was coming. From the moment Bernier lifted Scheer’s arm in brotherhood to signal his acceptance of Scheer as Conservative Party of Canada leader, it was coming.

And it came.

WATCH: Should Maxime Bernier get the boot from the Conservative caucus?

Click to play video: 'Should Maxime Bernier get the boot from the Conservative caucus?'
Should Maxime Bernier get the boot from the Conservative caucus?

First — Scheer’s removal of Bernier from the CPC shadow cabinet. Bernier had posted a chapter from his book at grousing the Conservative Party leadership was hijacked by “fake conservatives” whose membership hinged on their support for dairy industry supply management.

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Maxime Bernier has always switched comfortably from biker leathers and Marlon Brando swagger to Clint Eastwood — ‘Has he tweeted six tweets, or only five’ — laconic indifference.

For that reason alone, a Bernier-Trudeau political death match next autumn would have made great PVR theatre. Two Quebecers leading the Rest of Canada where the ROC has repeatedly been led by Quebec.

To the brink. In both official languages.

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Bernier, as CPC leader, unhesitatingly throwing tweet number four in Trudeau’s face. “Having people live among us who reject basic Western values such as freedom, equality, tolerance and openness doesn’t make us strong. People who refuse to integrate into our society and want to live apart in their ghetto don’t make our society strong.”

Trudeau returns fire by challenging “diversity is our strength.”

There will be no such theatre. Unless the impossible becomes, well, possible.

After all, Bernier this week quit the Conservative Party of Canada because the party is “morally corrupt.”

“Merci Maxime” exhales Trudeau, momentarily relieved of groping for answers about allegations of groping.

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Moving forward, is it at all doable for Bernier to create a new federal political party and guide it to national victory at the polls on Oct. 21, next year?

Absolutely not.

Unless. Unless a number of CPC MPs are prepared to sign on and join the new Maxime Bernier party. Unless such a hypothetical development gathers momentum and Conservative caucus members publicly and repeatedly assess a Bernier-led team as more likely to dispatch Trudeau whose skeletons are clanking about seeking an escape from the closet.

WATCH: How the Liberals could benefit from Bernier quitting Conservatives

Click to play video: 'How the Liberals could benefit from Bernier quitting Conservatives'
How the Liberals could benefit from Bernier quitting Conservatives

Unless Canada’s voters suggest to national pollsters they will vote Conservative, but only Bernier-Conservative.

Under such an uphill avalanche scenario, Scheer would likely step aside and allow for Bernier to assume Conservative Party of Canada leadership. The CPC would own national media coverage, Trudeau’s Liberals would be screeching insult and accusation into a vacuum and Bernier would mount the stage Oct. 21, 2019, to Queen rocking out “We Are The Champions.”

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Hold on now. This picture I’m creating here is one of unlikely, almost impossible fantasy, but it’s pretty much the only chance Bernier has.

It’s not possible to form and staff a new national political party, crew 300-plus identifiable and all-on-the-same-page candidates who will then connect in sufficient numbers to push the Liberals and remaining CPC aside on election day. And don’t forget, there’s the NDP, although Jagmeet Singh has failed to perform well enough to suggest to me he’ll be able to hang on to his current caucus.

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Bernier’s vocal opponents will in any event in the months ahead include Stephen Harper, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney and other prominent Conservative Party members. All have this week alone engaged political capital to support Scheer.

I know, I know. Grassroots Bernier supporters will shout that I’m morally corrupt for not giving a chance to the only man they deem capable of defeating Justin Trudeau.

In fact, there are several men in the national political arena capable of defeating Trudeau. Including  Trudeau.

And I haven’t even mentioned Brad Wall. Yet.

WATCH: Scheer responds to Bernier’s controversial tweets

Click to play video: 'Scheer responds to Bernier’s controversial tweets'
Scheer responds to Bernier’s controversial tweets

Roy Green is the host of the Roy Green Show on the Global News Radio network.


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