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Here’s how Conservatives are reacting to Maxime Bernier’s attack on Scheer, Tories

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OTTAWA – Maxime Bernier‘s scathing attack Thursday on the Conservative party and leader Andrew Scheer has elicited a range of pointed reactions, including on social media and elsewhere. A selection of what was said Thursday:

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“I have come to realize over the past year that this party is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed.” – Bernier himself in a statement in which he declared he was quitting the party.

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“I hope Justin Trudeau and his cabinet colleagues are breaking out the champagne in Nanaimo this morning. Congratulations to @gmbutts [Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s principal secretary] & co. who have secured an easy win in 2019 despite a mostly terrible summer.” – Rachel Curran, Harper’s former director of policy, on Twitter

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“He has decided that he is more important than his Conservative colleagues and indeed the Conservative party. He has traded an opportunity to influence policy in government for his own personal ambition.” – Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer in Halifax

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“He made a choice a long time ago to put himself first…. If I had someone who made this decision today who was fighting beside me in committee every day, who was helping me out and phoning me like so many of my colleagues do … I didn’t get calls like that from him so, whatever.” – Conservative MP Michelle Rempel

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“I think he will not be successful. He has disregarded the caucus and disregarded what Canadian conservatives want, which is a very positive vision for the future of the country. I think it’s actually liberating for us, because we have rid ourselves of a giant distraction who was saying things that are not mainstream, so I think this actually rebounds in our favour.” – Conservative MP Tony Clement

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“CPC members set our policy and principles just has they have since 2003. And today we’re kicking off the largest convention in our Party’s history. This stunt isn’t about policy or principles, if it were Max would be here … debating. This is about one man’s ego.” – Steven Dollansky, national councillor for the Conservative Party of Canada.

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“This Conservative caucus is bigger than one. It’s many of us and we are united, we are ready.” – Conservative MP Lisa Raitt

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“This was a terrible error in judgment. You never win when you desert (and) trash talk. @AndrewScheer has the floor now (and) expecting the next 24 hrs will be positive for Scheer.” – Alise Mills, Conservative strategist, on Twitter

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“Proud to stand with leader Andrew Scheer for lower taxes, balanced budgets and free enterprise. Justin Trudeau is the most socialist Prime Minister in a generation. We can’t afford another four years.” – Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre on Twitter

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“Hey #TeamTrudeau, greetings from BC, where the government you helped elect is working hard. Tune out all this Bernier noise. Let the CPC focus on itself. Stay focused on Canadians.” – Gerald Butts, principal secretary to Justin Trudeau, on Twitter

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“I have sympathy for Maxime Bernier’s frustrations on supply management. A better politician would have (won) that argument during the leadership, or found a way to turn his colleagues around in caucus. That he wasn’t able to do either says something.” – Andrew MacDougall, Harper’s former director of communications, on Twitter

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@StephenHarper worked hard to create and maintain unity on the right. That is a huge piece of his legacy. Maxime’s decision will not serve the movement well. We all know it: Liberals win when Conservatives are divided.” – Carl Vallee, Harper’s former press secretary, on Twitter

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