New Brunswick election: Kings Centre

Riding background

The riding of Kings Centre and the ridings that helped form it in the 2013 redistricting process have consistently voted for the Progressive Conservatives.

The district includes the western and north-central parts of Kings County, including the Kingston Peninsula and the town of Grand Bay-Westfield.


Liberal: Bill Merrifield

Progressive Conservative: Bill Oliver (incumbent)

NDP: Susan Jane Shedd

Green: Bruce Dryer

People’s Alliance: Dave Peters



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Kings Centre was the result of the 2013 redistricting process. The new riding took large portions of the former Fundy-River Valley riding as well as sections of the former Hampton-Kings riding.

The two districts had reliably voted for the PCs and did so again in 2014, electing Bill Oliver with 35.7 per cent of the vote.


Jim Parrot flipped the riding of Fundy-River Valley for the PCs in 2010 after being elected with 57.5 per cent of the vote. Parrot defeated Liberal incumbent and sitting cabinet minister Jack Keir, who earned 28.8 per cent of the vote.

Bev Harrison, PC incumbent for Hampton Kings, retained his seat in 2010 with 57.5 per cent of the vote.