Chinese wheelchair basketball coach strikes women’s player at world championships

A Chinese coach was suspended for one game following an incident during a women's game between China and Algeria at the World Wheelchair Basketball Championship in Hamburg. The coach is seen striking a player in the head during a break in the game.

The coach of a Chinese women’s basketball team can be seen striking a player in a video that was taken at the 2018 World Championships on Saturday.

The incident happened during a game between China and Algeria.

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Video shows the coach speaking to his players before he points at one of them and smacks her on the head.

The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) has imposed sanctions on China as a result of the incident — the sanctions include the coach’s suspension, which will take effect for a single game against Germany on Aug. 22.

“We are deeply disappointed by video footage we saw from the Algeria and China women’s game,” said a statement from Wheelchair Basketball Canada executive director Wendy Gittens.

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“The behaviour demonstrated by the Chinese coach towards one of his athletes is completely unacceptable and has no place inside or outside of sport.”

Gittens went on to say that Wheelchair Basketball Canada “remains dedicated to working with the IWBF and other stakeholders to help create an environment free from harassment, abuse or discrimination of any kind.”

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The 2018 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships are taking place in Hamburg, Germany until Aug. 26.

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